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Colonoscopy is a test that uses an endoscope to directly look inside the entire large intestine to examine its condition. In addition, it is an accurate test that is indispensable for diagnosing colorectal and anal diseases because it allows doctors to treat the cancers during the procedure. In particular, since most colorectal cancers start from benign adenomas, the incidence of colorectal cancer can be significantly reduced by detecting and removing adenomas at an early stage.
In addition, polyps or early colon cancer can be treated with surgery or endoscopic treatment through colonoscopy. In this way, the invention of the endoscope can make treating cancer without incision possible. In some cases, surgery for cancer is possible without hospitalization.
Fecal Occult Blood Test
This test measures the amount of hemoglobin in the stool and detects the presence and examines the amount of bloody stool. Although its accuracy is somewhat low, it is a useful test widely accepted as a primary test for colorectal cancer screening. Avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs and drinking too much alcohol for one week before the test.
Preparation for Colonoscopy
  • 01

    Please do not bring your car on the day of the examination.
    (You cannot drive right away on the day of the test.)
  • 02

    The test takes about 2 hours in total.
  • 03

    Do not take diabetes or blood pressure medications on the day of the test.
  • 04

    Food with seeds is prohibited two days before the test. (i.e. Grape, watermelon, melon, sesame, etc.)
  • · Foods not to be eaten from 2 days before the test

    Fruits with seeds, nuts, corns, sesame seeds, beans, mixed grains, vegetables (including kimchi), herbs, seaweeds, etc. can leave debris in the intestine and hinder accurate testing.
  • · Foods not to be eaten from a day before the test

    Avoid coffee and dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese, as they tend to remain in the intestines. Have a light dinner, like porridge. Fast, except for water, after 7pm.
  • · On the test day

    Mix plain water and medicine together and drink. Arrive at the hospital at the scheduled time in a fasting state, and register at the Reception Department.
Frequently Asked Questions


A polyp was found during a colonoscopy. What should I do?


Colon polyps are very common. However, once it is diagnosed, it is necessary to remove the polyp with polypectomy for the prevention and early treatment of colorectal cancer. If the biopsy results after polyp resection say that the polyp was an adenomatous polyp that can develop into colorectal cancer, you should consult a specialist for regular examination.


What should I prepare for a colonoscopy?


1. Reservations can be made by phone or by visiting the hospital, and you can adjust the desired date and time.
2. For colonoscopy, you need to take medication for bowel cleansing from the day before the examination.
3. Those who made a reservation over the phone should come 3 to 4 days before the test to go through the bowel cleansing procedure and receive detailed information.
4. If you are taking medications, especially those for diabetes and blood pressure control, let us know before the test. Please tell us in advance what medicines you are taking, and if you are taking medicines with a prescription, you must bring a prescription or medicines you are taking.