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  • Avoid overwork and alcohol for 2-3 days before the health checkup.
  • Morning check-up - On the day before the examination, finish dinner by 7 pm and fast from 9 pm until the next day.
  • Afternoon check-up - Please fast from 12:00 noon the day before the check-up until the next day.
During the fasting period, chewing gum, candy, and cigarettes are strictly prohibited.


Do not take the medicine you normally take from 2-3 days before the examination. There is a risk of bleeding during endoscopic biopsy or polyp removal. Therefore, those who undergo endoscopy must do the following.
※ Antithrombotic drugs (aspirin, Plavix, Euclid, Disgren, Persanchin, Pretal, etc.) : If you can stop taking the drug, stop taking it one week before.

stool collection

For stool collection, put about the size of a chestnut (about 1/3 of the container) into the collection container the night before or on the day of the health examination. Store the collected feces in a cool environment to increase the accuracy of the test.
The day of the medical examination


  • · Blood pressure medication :

    If you need to, take blood pressure medication with a minimum amount of water before 6 am on the day of the medical examination. However, if you are undergoing gastrointestinal angiography, please do not take any medicine and bring it with you.
  • · Diabetes medication :

    Do not take insulin or diabetes medication in the morning on the day of the medical examination.


  • Please do not eat anything like cigarettes, gum, etc., as well as breakfast.
  • Please do not bring jewelry or valuables with you as there is a risk of loss.
  • Please bring your health check-up questionnaire, reservation card, and stool collection container.
  • Please bring your glasses or contact lenses.

Other matters

  • · For a smooth health check-up, please come to the hospital 20 minutes before the reservation time in comfortable clothes.
  • · For the ultrasound of the lower abdomen (prostate, bladder, ovaries), do not urinate in the morning.
  • · Customers undergoing sleep endoscopy are not allowed to drive on the same day, so please use public transportation (accompanied by a guardian).
  • · Those who are menstruating should visit again for gynecological and urine tests.