From the moment we first meet with patients,
we will take care of them like a family with faith, hope, and love.
Wellness Hospital treats even the hearts of customers through experts treatment and specialized medical services.
Inpatient Program Instructions
- Your medical practitioner will decide whether inpatient treatment is required after diagnosis.
- Patients or their family members should complete and bring the patients’ Admission / Discharge Form to our Reception Department.
- Please fill out our Admission/Registration Agreement Form at the Reception Department. We will then provide you necessary information, check room availability, and assign you to an appropriate unit. After the enrollment and assignment process, please visit the Nurse Room on the 3rd floor to meet your nurse. She/he will provide you necessary information and accompany you to your unit.
※ If you would like to request for a private or semi-private room, fill out the “Application Form for Private/Semi-Private Room”. If you receive a room, you will be billed for extra cost.

What to Bring

  • Government-Issued ID Card, Insurance Card, Toiletries, Towels, Spoon and Chopsticks, Toilet Paper, Slippers, Cups

    Absorbent Pads for Patients (You can buy them at the in-hospital convenience store on the first floor.)
Length of Inpatient Stay


3~4 days

Simple Anal Fistula

2~3 days

High Complex Anal Fistula

3~4 days

Anal Fissure

2 days

Other Anal Diseases

3~5 days


Pediatric: 2 days
Adult: 3 days

Acute Appendicitis

3~5 days

Colorectal Cancer

10~14 days


※ The duration may be differ slightly depending on the types and severity of their diseases.
Hospital Routine
  • Physician Visits

    8:00 am - 8:30 am (Internal Medicine)
    4:00 - 4:30 pm (Internal Medicine)
    4:30 pm - 5:00 pm (Surgical Services)
  • Meals

    Breakfast 7:00 am / Lunch 12:00 pm / Dinner 5:00 pm
  • Visiting Hours

    Visiting restricted due to Covid-19
Discharge from the Hospital
- Discharge instructions will be determined by your doctor and will be provided to you prior to your discharge. In the morning of your discharge date, you will receive bills for services provided during your stay. When your discharge is ready, our staff will call you or your family and ask you to visit our Reception Department and make a payment. After the payment, please show your receipt to your unit nurse. She/he will then give you written instructions for use of medical equipment, medication(s), and follow-up care.

Sunday or national holidays

If you would like to leave on Sunday or national holidays, you have the option to wire transfer money (estimated cost of your stay) before leaving, and then pay or get a refund for the difference on your next visit.