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Climacteric symptoms are a natural phenomenon of aging and occur in both men and women, but in women, the symptoms appear clearly after menopause, whereas in men, the symptoms appear gradually and pass without notice.
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    anxiety, depression

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    memory problems

Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • · Natural female hormones

    : Gamma-linolenic acid, pomegranate extract, and isoflavone, which is abundant in tofu, are substances similar in structure to female hormones and are helpful because they have the function of replacing female hormones. In particular, it is helpful for menopausal women who have risk factors because the substances do not have a possibility of developing cancer when taken.
  • · Exercise Therapy

    Exercises such as walking close in nature are recommended to alleviate the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system. Exercises such as yoga are also recommended to calm your mind and release stress.
  • · Psychotherapy

    When your children leave their families for their adult lives, mothers feel a sense of loss, in addition to changes coming from hormonal changes. It is also helpful to find and do hobbies for yourself that you enjoy and to do rewarding volunteer work with other people.
Climacterium is an unavoidable process for women, but climacteric disorders are preventable to some extent. The recommended method is to take antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E, regularly to maintain the body's balance. If you have anemia, you should also take iron supplements. It is also necessary to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis. But the most important thing is to relieve the stress of life and manage yourself. Women go through both physiological and social changes at once, and when the hormonal balance is broken, psychological anxiety and depression are added to the physiological anxiety and worsening the symptoms. So you have to prepare yourself, maintain your mental and psychological health, and strengthen your mind in advance to overcome the harsh period.
The Role of Families in Overcoming Climacteric Disorders
To overcome climacteric disorders, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of climacterium well. The symptoms vary greatly from person to person, and how to overcome them wisely depends on the effort of you and your family members. Because climacteric symptoms are not just a hormonal problem, the help of family members is especially important. In other words, the family must first understand climacterium well, and when the mother or wife has a sharp nerve and shows hypersensitive behaviours unlike before, her family should help her find peace of mind, treating her warmly, cheerfully, and wholeheartedly. In addition, women should try to participate more actively in their hobbies and maintain an active life.